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Hi, I'm Masaya Kobayashi.
Welcome to my blog.
  • Do you want to learn Japanese
  • How to speak Japanese fluently
  • Effective ways of Learning Japanese
  • Japanese is difficult, but you can start LEARNING now!
For those who have such problems,
I am going to introduce how to improve
your studying techniques upon learning Japanese.

Content of this article

  • How to start learning Japanese
  • Introducing Japanese study methods
  • Recommended learning items

How to start learning Japanese?

First,Japanese consists of 

『Hiragana』and『Katakana』are composed of 
50sounds like an alphabet.


  • あいうえお
  • かきくけこ
  • さしすせそ
  • たちつてと
  • なにぬねの
  • はひふへほ
  • まみむめも
  • や ゆ よ
  • らりるれろ
  • わ を ん


  • アイウエオ
  • カキクケコ
  • サシスセソ
  • タチツテト
  • ナニヌネノ
  • ハヒフヘホ
  • マミムメモ
  • ヤ ユ ヨ
  • ラリルレロ
  • ワ ヲ ン

If replace this with the alphabet

  • a i u e o
  • ka ki ku ke ko
  • sa shi su se so
  • ta ti tsu te to
  • na ni nu ne no
  • ha hi hu he ho
  • ma mi mu me mo
  • ya yu yo
  • ra ri ru re ro
  • wa wo nn
You can speak Japanese by combining 
these sounds.

Introducing Japanese study methods

It is not just Japanese, same as learning other foreign language the appropriate order to learn the language is:
First, let's listen to a lot of Japanese videos, music, and etc.
Here are some recommended items for
listening to a lot of Japanese medium.
Let's start with simple Japanese.

Recommended learning items

  • Japanese anime
  • Japanese comedy, and etc.

Japanese anime

Anime is part of Japanese culture.
There are countless types of Japanese anime.
These are action, daily life, love, history, futuristic view, and etc.

Japanese comedy

There is a genre called Manzai in 
Japanese comedy, which two people make the audience laugh
with an interesting story. 
Next, This genre is called Conto in
Japanese comedy, which comedians
use objects and movements to make
the audience laugh.




Japanese anime and comedy 
are very interesting.
I will continue to introduce Japanese
learning methods so that
everyone can enjoy
learning Japanese.

-Learn, Write English
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  1. Jia より:

    Hi Masaya ! You did great! Please continue on giving us ways and lesson on how to learn Japanese.


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